30 minute Playlist to Get You Motivated

In my morning readings today I came across this article from the Huffington Post titled:

If This Playlist Can Help The Seahawks Win A Super Bowl, It Will Surely Get You Through 30 Minutes On The Treadmill

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve won the Superbowl after a workout?

Like the article says, the right music can get you motivated, and motivated BIG. I like this track list because it’s loaded with heavy hip hop/rap… who doesn’t love a little Luda and Tupac in their mash-up?  Oh! There’s a song you’ll remember from the movie Fast & Furious too.

This mix is a bit slow for a run (for me), but if you’re into lifting, I think this could definitely do the trick. Crank it up and pump it out baby. You’ve got this, ain’t nobody gonna hold YOU back 🙂

Cheers friends, have a great day!

(Image courtesy of http://crossfitinvoke.com)

Spinning Playlist July 2013

It’s a weee bit late, but that’s okay, right? I used this playlist in one of my July classes and it was so much fun to ride. There are some fun old school songs and some great newbies in there too. This is a tough ride, with a fun upbeat rhythm. It of course, has my favourite tabata workout snuck into the middle.  There is no active recovery built in, however if you want to use track #9 as recovery then go for it.

I hope you enjoy this ride as much as I do!

July 12 2013

  1. Love rollercoaster, Ohio Players – Warmup 4:50
  2. Let’s Go – Calvin Harris – to the beat, hills on chorus 3:54
  3. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke – (happy) standing climb to rhythm entire song 4:23
  4. Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris- Alternate every 30 seconds between seated flat and standing flat.  Keep HR up! 3:25
  5. Get Lucky – Daft Punk – seated climb increase 1/4 turn resistance every 1 min 6:10
  6. The Fighter (feat. Ryan Tedder)—Gym Class Heroes (3:49) Start in a seated Climb.  At 1:30 turn it into a standing climb
  7. Don’t Stop the Party (feat. TJR)—Pitbull (3:26)  Standing flat with jumps on the chorus
  8. TABATA TIME! 4:20
  9. Atlas Genius – Trojans – ride to the beat, you pick the resistance 3:36
  10. Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – hard climb to the beat ¼ increase every 30 seconds 3:56
  11. Steamworks – 2 min seated climb, finish 2:36 standing climb: 4:36
  12. Dog Days are Over – Seated Flat to flush out the legs 4:13
  13. Hold On – Cool Down on the bike 3:45
  14. Master Blaster – Cool Down Stretch off the Bike 4:50
  15. You are the sunshine of my life – cool down stretch off the bike 2:55

Benefits of a Spinning Workout

I have a long love affair with spinning. I am a huge advocate of it and endorse it as much as possible to friends, co-workers and gym buddies.

A friend once said to me, “I don’t know about it, I’m not into someone screaming at me while I workout”, or something to that effect.  Basically, I get the feeling that everyone thinks that a spinning class is a torture chamber where you’re chained to a bike and screamed at for 45 minutes.  Although I have been in classes where the instructor yelled things like “HEAD DOWN, DO NOT LOOK AT ME, MOOOOOVE IT!!!”, but that is not the norm. In fact, most spinning classes are up-beat, fun, cheerful and pumped with wicked awesome music. You certainly won’t hear me screaming like that instructor did to me, but that’s ’cause that’s just not how I roll.

If you have never tried a class, I strongly encourage you to go. It’s the one class where you can go at your pace (contrary to what people think), you can set your own resistance, and can experience a totally different workout than you’ve ever had before. Here are some of my top reasons to hit up your nearest spin class.

1. Burn Baby, Burn

In a 45-minute class, I burn on average around 450 calories. A 60 minute class kicks that up to 600 calories. Depending on the type of drills you do in the class, that can skyrocket to upwards of 700 calories. Tabata type drills really help increase the HR and catapult you to a whole new level.

2.  Progress at Your Own Pace

The greatest thing about spinning (other than the burn) is that you can progress at your own pace. You can set to a lower resistance if you’re just beginning and ramp it up as you go. If you’re a seasoned rider, you know that you can crank the resistance up and really work it. Either way, you decide what kind of workout you want.

3. Time Flies

Seriously. 45 minutes goes by SO quick. You won’t even notice how long you’ve been on the bike because you’re having so much fun.

4. The Music!

Time flies because of the music. I spend a lot of time creating my playlists. I really enjoy creating them and each song moves nicely into the next. I remember one spin class felt like 15 minutes, all because of the instructor’s coaching and music. It was awesome!

5. Mental State and Strength

Spinning is one of those workouts where I personally, can really push myself. It’s totally all about your mental state. Some days are good, some are bad.. but when I’m having a bad day and really not up to working hard, I realize it’s all about my mental strength. When the right song hits, it moves me. Pumps me up and I can get into a zone, pushing myself. I close my eyes, let my body relax, take a deep breath and push even harder. Spinning is a great way to push your mental strength. I always tell my classes, you have more to give then you think. Dig deep mentally and you will produce!

The Best Spinning Playlist I’ve Ever Made

Hi folks!

I’m baaaaack 😉 It’s been a fun couple of weeks, sorry I have been away.  I have been busy busy packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning and organizing.  While not all of it was fun, it was for a great cause, our new HOME. We are slowly settling in, and getting back to our daily/weekly routine. Ahh, how I have missed that.

I didn’t have the opportunity to take any time off following the move, as I had been asked to teach 3 spin classes while the other trainer was out on vacation. I was thrilled. I love when I get asked to teach. It`s seriously the BEST thing ever. I got certified so I could teach so I take every opportunity I get!

I will admit I was a little unorganized before my first class last Monday as we had just moved and I couldn`t find my laptop so I used a previous playlist. It was still a great class but I knew I could come up with something better if I just had more time.  So on Thursday night, in preparation for my Friday AM 1hr spin class, I took four hours to sit down and put together a workout that would really make everyone sweat.

I REALLY love this one, and I know you will too. The class raved about it, loving the tunes and the exercises. I also make a point to let the class know where we’re going in the workout. I stay engaged and communicate a lot through. If we have Tabata coming up in 7 minutes, I let them know so they are aware of how much energy to reserve for that set. I also let them know where the recovery piece is so they can gauge. There’s nothing worse in my mind, when you’re doing a hard cardio workout and you don’t know how hard to push it and how long to push it for. I appreciate that when I’m a participant so I give that to my classes.

Enjoy friends! Let me know if you use this for your workout and if you do, how you like it!

Total time: 1 hour

April AM Playlist

April AM Playlist2

No Gym? No Problem!

I used to be of the mindset that I had to be at the gym to workout.  I am not a runner and don’t enjoy it, so that reeeallly obvious workout wasn’t something I would turn to when I couldn’t get to the gym. Even though I don’t like it, and get incredibly bored doing it, I am more likely now to run just because it’s a great burn and I like the challenge.  Sometimes.

I started working out a few years ago. Before that, I never had to worry about gaining weight or a muffin-top. Ah, those were the days. Reality now, is that I literally have to work my ass OFF. It has taken me a few years to figure out what exercises I enjoy, how long I can mix it up and stay engaged. For most, they get bored, hit a plateau and throw the gym to the wind. Although I’m impatient when it comes to seeing results, I have managed to stick with it and have seen some good results. At one point, I had decreased my total body measurements by 40 INCHES!.  I have now gained muscle mass and although I haven’t lost any significant weight, I have been able to maintain my weight. I am thinking that my body is just happy at where it is and I’m okay with that.  I’d rather be happy and at a healthy weight than constantly depriving and fighting with myself. I do try to eat clean and healthy, but I love the occasional glass of wine and chunk of cheese. Those are two things I will never give up, they’re just too damn good.

So I wanted to share a few great exercises and apps that I have tried over this past year which have helped me stay engaged even while away from the gym.

Hundred Push-Ups –  (iTunes) – This app is awesome. It guides you through a workout plan that helps you get to finishing 100 push-ups over a number of weeks.  If you’re weak like me, I could barely do one proper push-up so I needed to start at the beginning. It shows you proper form and has a planned workout with reminders. Very cool.

Fitocracy – (iTunes) – This app motivates and empowers you to succeed a fitness. It’s kind of like Yelp, where the more you track and log, the more badges you unlock, earn points and beat quests. It’s a whole community that empowers you to be the fit person you were meant to be.

MyFitnessPal (iTunes) – I’ve been using this app for a year now. It started with a work fitness challenge and now we are all on it. I use it to track my daily food calories and fitness calories burned. You can see other’s food logs (if they allow it) and you can comment on people’s progress as they can yours. Great forums and chat topics and overall support from the community.

There are a whack of great body-weight exercises you can do at home which require very little space:

(images courtesy of Women’s Health Magasine)

T Stabilization – T Stabilization

Squat Jump– Squat Jump

Seated Rotation – Seated Rotation

Plie Squat– Plie Squat

  • One of my favourite exercises is the Mountain Climber: Starting on your hands and knees, bring the left foot forward directly under the chest while straightening the right leg. Keeping the hands on the ground and core tight, jump and switch legs. The left leg should now be extended behind the body with the right knee forward. Next up? Everest.
  • The Plank: Ohhh how I used to hate the plank. Now I can hold it for a minute, but when I first started I could do maaaaybe 10 seconds. There are many variations, which is great because there’s always a new challenge. I also really love this one for strengthening me for low-plank in yoga. Now that’s an awesome move. 

What are some of your favourite body-weight exercises? Do you have an app that you can’t live without? I’d love to hear about it! Sharing is caring, please leave a comment 🙂


To Parkour or not to Parkour.

Love this! I had never heard of Parkour until this documentary. Very inspiring, and now I’m going to do some research to see how I can train. I love the way the exercises are challenging and the discipline uses no equipment and is non-competitive.

Click here to watch Part 1 of the documentary.

Click here to read about the Parkour training discipline.