30 minute Playlist to Get You Motivated

In my morning readings today I came across this article from the Huffington Post titled:

If This Playlist Can Help The Seahawks Win A Super Bowl, It Will Surely Get You Through 30 Minutes On The Treadmill

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve won the Superbowl after a workout?

Like the article says, the right music can get you motivated, and motivated BIG. I like this track list because it’s loaded with heavy hip hop/rap… who doesn’t love a little Luda and Tupac in their mash-up?  Oh! There’s a song you’ll remember from the movie Fast & Furious too.

This mix is a bit slow for a run (for me), but if you’re into lifting, I think this could definitely do the trick. Crank it up and pump it out baby. You’ve got this, ain’t nobody gonna hold YOU back 🙂

Cheers friends, have a great day!

(Image courtesy of http://crossfitinvoke.com)

Spinning Playlist July 2013

It’s a weee bit late, but that’s okay, right? I used this playlist in one of my July classes and it was so much fun to ride. There are some fun old school songs and some great newbies in there too. This is a tough ride, with a fun upbeat rhythm. It of course, has my favourite tabata workout snuck into the middle.  There is no active recovery built in, however if you want to use track #9 as recovery then go for it.

I hope you enjoy this ride as much as I do!

July 12 2013

  1. Love rollercoaster, Ohio Players – Warmup 4:50
  2. Let’s Go – Calvin Harris – to the beat, hills on chorus 3:54
  3. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke – (happy) standing climb to rhythm entire song 4:23
  4. Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris- Alternate every 30 seconds between seated flat and standing flat.  Keep HR up! 3:25
  5. Get Lucky – Daft Punk – seated climb increase 1/4 turn resistance every 1 min 6:10
  6. The Fighter (feat. Ryan Tedder)—Gym Class Heroes (3:49) Start in a seated Climb.  At 1:30 turn it into a standing climb
  7. Don’t Stop the Party (feat. TJR)—Pitbull (3:26)  Standing flat with jumps on the chorus
  8. TABATA TIME! 4:20
  9. Atlas Genius – Trojans – ride to the beat, you pick the resistance 3:36
  10. Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – hard climb to the beat ¼ increase every 30 seconds 3:56
  11. Steamworks – 2 min seated climb, finish 2:36 standing climb: 4:36
  12. Dog Days are Over – Seated Flat to flush out the legs 4:13
  13. Hold On – Cool Down on the bike 3:45
  14. Master Blaster – Cool Down Stretch off the Bike 4:50
  15. You are the sunshine of my life – cool down stretch off the bike 2:55