Chopping Without Knives

Ugh. I did it again. I managed to cut myself while chopping kale for a salad. I cut myself last week too, tip of my pinky finger. Yesterday was much worse. I’ll spare you the details, but basically I managed to cut straight off the tip (on an angle) my left index finger.  I am managing to type pretty well, huh?

Yes I am clumsy, yes I rush. Okay, fine, I wasn’t paying attention, either. I frantically ran around the house looking for the first aid kit. Forgot that I had packed it in the camping bin and didn’t return it to the apartment. Perfect! I managed to bandage it up and call B, all out of breath.

“What did you do now?” He asked.

“Umm.. I cut off my finger. Really badly.”

Jesus.. you have to be careful! What finger haven’t you cut? That’s it, you’re not allowed to chop with knives anymore”.

Uhh, well that’s going to make for an interesting cooking experience. I am all for trying new things but…

I love being in the kitchen and I cook 80% of our meals. I am addicted to the grocery store and am obsessed with making things from scratch. NOT using a knife is not going to work for me.  Seriously though, I have to (as a fellow blogger put it in her post this AM ) get it together, already! I cannot keep injuring myself like this! What the hell is wrong with me. Is it that I really can’t master the knife?

hold a knife

B has showed me how to properly chop, and I am sure that I am doing it but somehow a finger pokes out and gets hit. I started searching online for tips and hope that you’ll enjoy the comedy of this all. I’m off to the Dr. this afternoon to see if I really should be going to the hospital. *Sigh*

I joke over and over that I could never be on “Hells Kitchen” or “be a “Top Chef”, that’s for sure. Dammit, I wasn’t even drinking 🙂


hide knives

cook with wine

5 thoughts on “Chopping Without Knives

  1. You could try a mini/small food processor to do lots of your chopping. I often do that when making stuffing, etc. Also can do extra and then freeze it. Just break off what you need next time. Works for me!

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